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So how does this membership work, exactly?

Great question, because this IS different! When you join the monthly membership, you are enrolled in an automatic payment program for $219 per month for group training. For that cost you have access to the Studio five days a week; with an individualized daily workout utilizing fun equipment and workout formats. You will also be measured and tested at the beginning and again every three months so you can track your progress. There are so many benefits to personal training, and it's especially fun within a small group... come check it out! First week is free! 

Do you offer a trial membership?

Yes! You can sign up for a one week Trial Membership with no financial obligation, and if you don't want to continue after that week, simply cancel your Membership on the Strong Fitness Studio website ( by the end of the 7-day trial period. If you love it, and want to continue, no action is necessary... you'll be on your way to Strongsville!

Are children allowed entry?

Children 13 and older may join and attend with a parent or legal guardian. 

Can I lift weights if I have osteoporosis or osteopenia?

Yes, please! Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your bones! Many of my clients come to me after having a bad bone density test, and being told they need to strength train. One of my favorite things is to hear the results of follow-up tests that show much improvement in bone strength! So far, we're batting 1000 around here!

What are the benefits of personal training?
  1. Focus in the gym. No more wandering around the weight area, wondering what to do.

  2. Professional, well-designed workouts that keep your fitness goals on track.

  3. Accountability! Knowing someone expects you to be there will get you in the door.

  4. A personal trainer is an investment. If you have put your hard-earned money toward this goal, you're more likely to show up and get what you paid for.

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